Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What Is a True Friend?

What is a true friend? I've found different definitions over the years, but for me, personally, I've divided the people I know into two categories: (1) acquaintances; and, (2) friends. Acquaintances are those who may know you, but do not know your intimate thoughts or feelings as does a friend. I've been told through the years that a "true friend" can taste the salt in your tears.

This past weekend, I experienced the knowledge of categorizing a person as either an acquaintance or true friend. It all revolved around a telephone call with a question and the receipt of three text messages as I was leaving MI to return to AL. The text messages were revealing to say the least even though cryptic or coy. The messages helped me throw the stone over my shoulder so to speak (see previous post). So for now, I have added another to my list of acquaintances. How long are our list of friends versus acquaintances? I guess that's something to think about. Does it all really matter? I like having both.