Saturday, June 18, 2011

Catching Up - Glass Bowl, Knitting and Mother's Day

I have been so negligent about posting on my blog. Letting other things get in the way. What has Snowbird been doing with her time? For one, I took a glass bowl making class. The bowls are either square or round and made with strips of glass laid one on another. The bowl turned out great for my first attempt. The picture does not do the colors justice. It looks almost like tartan plaid. I chose Christmas colors and will sit this on my coffee table filled with gold glass balls during the holidays. It is my goal to take the class again in the future. Might try a round bowl the next time. Signing up for a wrapped glass jewelry making class in July if all works out. Should be lots of fun.

Have not had the knitting needles working too much lately. Trying to let my right arm rest as I have a torn rotator cuff. Tore it last year when I fell in the shower. It can be pretty painful when I throw my yarn. Yep I'm a thrower. Never did learn the continental way of knitting. It's all in how you learned to knit. Have had a few injections to help alleviate the pain, but am going to have it repaired in the next couple of months.

Thought I would mention that I received some nice presents on Mothers Day from my nieces. Got a knitting book "A Knitter's Home Companion" and cook book "Southern Pies" from Bunny. I read the knitting book the very next day from front to back. Really enjoyed it a lot. The Southern Pie book is great. It seems our family is not really big on cake, so this will give me a host of recipes to try. Baby got me and her mother Kindle's. What a surprise. I have put on some free books from Amazon and also added a Bible. A great way to carry a lot of books without all the weight. An artist at the Centre for Living Arts in Mobile, Alabama makes book covers and created a cover for our Kindle's. The cover is great. You would think it was just another book, but it contains my Kindle. I think Baby had a great idea getting her mother and me Kindle's. Not much space left in the two houses for too many more books.

It is extremely hot in the Deep South. I don't spend any time outside. This is the time of year I dislike the most about living in the South. There is a lot to be said about the winters though.....

Until next time, have a wonderful weekend!