Monday, May 31, 2010


I have been remiss and failed to post an important birthday in April so I will catch-up today. April 14th was my niece, Baby's, birthday. Happy belated birthday little girl. She is my namesake and keeps me on my toes. She has the greatest hugs too! Love you bunches. Later on I will post a picture of the lace Baktus scarf that was part of her birthday present from me.

Today is young nephews birthday. For posting purposes he is my resident weather man as that is what he is studying in college. The dilema is what name to give him for my blog. So I thought I would do a little research and see how many Greeks gods there were that controlled the weather. Guess what? There are at least three. Could be more, but here are the three I could find:

1) Aeolus controlled all the winds from his island;
2) Zeus was responsible for thunderbolts; and,
3) Poseidon was responsible for marine weather.

Which one should be his blog name? Maybe I will let Bunny, Baby and young nephew choose his blog name. He wants to be a storm chaser -- running after a tornado or two or three. But living on the Gulf Coast gives him another look at marine weather. I will let him read the blog post and help decide.

By the way, Happy Birthday my resident weather man. I hope you enjoy this your special day. Last day off before summer college courses start up again!

I need to get busy and think about my other nieces and nephews and their birthdays. Two birthdays at the beginning of the year that have passed. Both young nieces live in Michigan. Need to find names for them too for the blog as well as the others. Just keeping them all straight for posting purposes. Whew! Happy Birthday to everyone, but especially today for young nephew as this is his day!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is a Mother......

It takes a Mother's Love
to make a house a home,
a place to be remembered,
no matter where we roam.

It takes a Mother's Patience,
to bring a child up right and her
Courage and her Cheerfulness
to make a dark day bright.

It takes a Mother's Kindness
to forgive us when we err,
to sympathize in trouble
and bow her head in prayer.

It takes a Mother's Wisdom
to recognize our needs
and to give us reassurance
by her loving words and deeds.

And that is why in all this world
there could not be another
who could fulfill God's purpose
as completely as a MOTHER!

Happy Mother's Day!

This was given out at church today in the form of a bookmark along with a cloisonne butterfly.

In memory of my own Mother. I miss you and love you Mom.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Miss You Mom

It has been one year since my Mother passed away. I think about her each and every day. Isn't the ability to have memories the most wonderful thing about our human brain? I think about all the time we spent together from a little girl onward. Some memories are good and some are not so good, but that is part of life.

My favorite times with my Mom was eating one of her homecooked meals, shopping for fabric and patterns, buying items for the house or just sitting and talking. I enjoyed listening to her life stories of growing up in the South. Most of all her thoughts relating to her children, family and friends.

Mom came from that "greatest generation" as Tom Brokaw called them. She was thrifty and practical. I watched her life change over the years and especially when age would no longer let her do the things she enjoyed most like gardening. But she could still supervise that activity. One of my most recent favorite times was sitting with her and watching my little sister and nieces prepare their container gardens under her watchful eye. Mom definitely had a green thumb.

Mom taught me how to sew, how to can and freeze foods, how to garden and how to love God, family and friends. She didn't have a Mother when she was growing up so nurturing was not her strong suit, but she loved her children, family and friends in the best way she knew how.

It is my solace that God is caring for her and she is enjoying each and every day now of her new life in eternity.

I miss you so much Mom!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Drill Baby Drill?

"Drill baby drill" has taken on a whole new meaning over the last couple of weeks since the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. I'm thinking that a few people living on the Gulf Coast wish that little catch phrase had never been said. If you live on the Gulf Coast like I do, I would like to tell a few folks where to put that catch phrase right now.

The oil spill is disastrous. As of my last reading of the news, the oil could possibly make it into the Atlantic. For now, measures are being taken to try and keep the oil away from the shores, wetlands and nature areas. There are too few measures being tried to handle such a monumental disaster/task. I believe that countermeasures in case of disaster should have been in place before drilling was allowed. Waiting until after a disaster is a day late and a dollar short.

Can you tell I am extremely angry over this? You would be too if you lived on the Gulf Coast and knew what the beautiful shorelines will soon become -- one big gooey black mess.

Apart from the oil, what about the families who have lost loved ones in the disaster? Very little has been said about them and even those who were injured.

Yep, I'm pretty angry over this as are a lot of folks on the Gulf Coast.