Friday, September 26, 2008

Lower Back Update, Bedrest and Debates

Today I had another epidural and was sent home for bed rest. I will be resting in bed tomorrow as well. I am already just a wee bit stir crazy laying down or sitting halfway up for the better part of the day. So I took a nap this afternoon, read a little bit, and this evening watched the first Presidential debates and the after comments by the news commentators.

I just can't wait until Sunday rolls around so I can get up and move around more. Might even get in a few stitches on the needles. By-the-way, the sweater (beige/brown flecked) on the previous post has been completed for almost three months. Did I mention that using a camera is not my long suit. I asked Hubby to take a few pictures to post on the blog, but it was always in passing and has just now finally got done. I just might need to learn how to use that camera of his. ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

KnitForKids Sweater #5 for 2008 Plus More

Finally, I had the opportunity to get Hubby to take some pictures for me of #5 KnitForKids Sweater and #6 that is on the needles this past weekend. #5 has been done for some time, but just have not taken the time to post the finished sweater. Not the greatest picture, but you get the idea. I think this will look good on a little guy. So here it is with one of my roosters guarding the finished product:

Here is a picture of KnitForKids #6 that is on the needles. The yarn is a lighter weight and has a knubby texture of baby colors. So this one will be ideal for a little one age two and under.

I am probably not real fond of this yarn, but using up the stash. Really quite a simple knitting project to do, but it is sitting for extended periods of time that I can not take right now. I may take this one with me when I lay down (semi-propped up in bed) in the evenings to rest the back and work on it for a few rows until done. Talk about falling short of my goal for the year 2008. I really need to get cracking.

And then there is the February Lady Sweater for Bunny that is on the needles:

This is made out of a multi-color cotton thread that I picked up at Patternworks. The picture really does not do justice to the color of the yarn. When finished, I will post again, but from a different area in the house to get the correct lighting. I started, stopped, frogged, started, stopped, frogged and started again to get the correct size for Bunny's sweater. I used a different type of raglan on this since the lace is called gull stitch. I wanted something that would play off that stitch and have included a raised stitch and yarn over at the raglan instead of M1. I think it makes the blend much better. My personal opinion only. I have multi-color cotton yarn to make Baby her sweater as well in shades of pink. All of my knitting in time and as the back allows.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Day of Fall 2008

Welcome the first official day of Autumn! This is my favorite time of year. I love the changing of the leaves, the days getting cooler and the smells of autumn! Sad to say, changing of the leaves (we have tons of pine trees in LA) and smells of autumn are not really evident in the Deep South, but cooler weather is right around the corner in about a month or so. We don't have temperatures like Michigan, but it will be light sweater or jacket weather in a few months.
Thanks to a friend in Michigan for supplying me with some pictures in the past to fill my need for Autumn in the North. This friend likes the Fall of the year also! Thanks Northern friend for helping make this day and season very real and like home for me!

World Alzheimer's Day - September 21

Today is World Alzheimer's Day. This day has special meaning to me since my Dad died from complications surrounding Alzheimer's. It also has special meaning because there are so many others in the knitting community who have/had family members with this disease. Please remember to support research for finding a cure. There are many ways to contribute either nationally or locally.

Our office always dresses up on Halloween. I always dress for a cause rather than in Halloween character. This year I will dress for a cause and it will be to support Alzheimer's research. Please check out The National Alzheimer's Organization for ways to support.

You can support in other ways as well. Please check out Through the Loops. She has a wonderful vest pattern available for a contribution to Alzheimer's research.

Please take a moment to look at Theresa's blog and how she dealt with this terrible disease caring for her Grandmother. Her way of dealing with this disease will touch your heart!

The statistics are staggering as to the number of people with this dreadful disease. Currently, there are more than 26 million people across the world living with Alzheimer’s and that number will quadruple by 2050. Every 71 seconds someone develops Alzheimer's. I recently watched programming on PBS regarding the disease and it was so close to home for me. The research is ongoing and the number of people developing the disease grows each and every day.

The Devastation of Alzheimer's:

The devastation of Alzheimer's is to see someone who was so adept at math forget how to measure, but can read every word of this post.

To know that that person can no longer discern colors, but can read every word of this post.

To know that that person does not know what day, hour, month or year it is, but can read every word of this post.

To know that that person can not tell you where he lives or his address, but can read every word of this post.

To know that that person can tell you things that happened 30, 40, 50 or 60 years ago, but can not remember five minutes ago and can read every word of this post.

To know that that person can not remember eating five minutes ago, but can read every word of this post.

To know that that person can not remember certain names of his family members, but can read every word of this post.

To know I can not reverse the damage already done by Alzheimer's, but that maybe just maybe somewhere in the future there may be a cure in sight and I can help in some small way. Maybe not for my Dad, but for the Dad of someone else.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Snap Crackle Pop!

Another doctor visit today and outcome is that Snowbird has to go next Friday for another epidural in her tail feathers. Trying to get this pain to go away with physical therapy (strengthen muscles) and injections. If this doesn't work, then the more invasive treatment will be next--SURGERY. Got to line up those disks so that the shifting will stop. If I lay down, the disks line up and pain subsides. If I stand up or sit for any length of time, the disk shifts out of place. So when I walk or sit down, it is snap, crackle and pop and shooting pain. The broken part is rubbing constantly.
So what about my knitting? I have devised a way to prop myself up in bed and knit on some projects without sitting totally upright. Works for a while and then the needles are down.
Hubby and I have tentatively planned a vacation in November, but I don't know if I can take the airplane flight without having to stand up every 15 minutes or so. Do not have tickets yet until I know for sure what is next on the agenda for the lower back.
So for now, I'm going to sign off and go prop myself up in bed and try to get a little knitting time in for the day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Knitting Addiction?

I never really considered myself addicted to anything, but then again knitting can be "habit forming". Addicted versus habit forming. Is there a difference? I saw this post over on Smoking Hot Needles today and thought I would share this little ditty that she picked up at Theresa's site:

Yep, I have a stash like that in my closet or should I say CLOSETS. I laugh when I write this because then I'm thinking maybe I am addicted to knitting. My yarn is in multiple closets even hubby's closet. HEHEHE! Young niece, Bunny, helped me organize my yarn, fabric and crafting goodies in plastic containers so that they would store nicely until I am ready to use them. Did I mention that Bunny is the family secretary. She keeps us all organized. What did we do without her for a whole year while she was in England getting that extra degree?

Anyway, check out Theresa's site and download this cutie. I think it represents the mindset of a few hundred knitters out there in blogger knitting land.

P.S. Take a look at the neat little scarves that Smoking Hot Needles is working up right now for gifts. They are gorgeous. I believe the patterns are there too.

Friday, September 5, 2008

In Memory of Daisy

In Memory of Daisy
October 26, 1955 - September 6, 2002

You will always have a special place in my heart and are missed each and every day! Thank you for sharing and for being my "Lucy". I owed you so many nickels when you passed. A debt that I know can never be repaid. Rest in God's care Daisy!