Saturday, September 30, 2017

Autumn and Time Goes By

So the last year has been unreal. So much going on with work, health and trying to obtain some normalcy in life. If normalcy is still obtainable after the last year. I can finally see again (great eye surgeon) and the knitting has picked up speed with socks, hats, cowl's and quite a few WIP's. Crocheting too. Blankets for anything I can possibly devise. So pictures are definitely forthcoming.

Can tell it is Autumn. Have made it through worst week of hurricane season on the Gulf Coast and pray for no more storms. College football in full swing. Loving it a lot. So I knit and watch a little football.

Looking for a job where I can work remotely from home. It would mean a pay cut, but the last year has helped with that decision. So hoping this will come to fruition.

Have really enjoyed the knitting, crocheting, cross stitching and crafting podcasts. Even some audio podcasts. It is great to see what other "makers" are doing throughout the world.

Been listening to a couple of audio books. Will comment on those later. Going to re-read Pride and Prejudice. Not sure how many times this will make.

Finally, please pray that those affected by the hurricanes over the last month will get the help and support needed. I know the military is now in Puerto Rico. Supplies and water making it in the country. More is needed. Navy medical vessel is on its way to the island. The smaller islands and territories need help too. Check out the charitable organizations that can make your donations count for Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the island groups. Any amount will help the vast need.

Will chat later from the nest.