Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Life Lesson

I wish I could say that I have learned a lot in my almost 57 years on this earth, but life lessons occur often. Today was another life lesson for me. This one was a tough pill to swallow. I worked for an individual for 11 years and knew a lot of this persons friends and family members some of whom were clients. We got together at company functions, birthday parties, etc. I left this individuals employe in 2005 for a better job opportunity. This person passed away last week and I went to the services. I was snubbed by this persons brother and a close friend. I talked to them daily if not each week for 11 years and saw them regularly. So imagine my surprise when they acted like they didn't even know my name. My leaving this persons employe caused this individual to take a nosedive? I don't think so. I could not stop this individual from the choices made. I forgive the individuals for their action. More importantly, I pray that God will give my former employer peace; peace not accomplished here on earth.