Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just a Little Knitting

I've ventured off into some more charity knitting and then some knitting for a friend who wanted a scarf or two or three or four. This has been what I call mindless knitting, but it was fun. Here is the charity knitting I have been doing for Save The Children:

It was an easy way to use leftover yarn pieces and not let the yarn go to waste. I modified the intermediate pattern on the Save the Children web-site from knitting a flat piece that has to be seamed to knitting the cap in the round. I believe knitting in the round is much more effective, faster and less needlework at the end. I changed the ribbing on some of the hats so the knitting would not get monotonous. The hats are premie and regular size depending on the size of your yarn.

These are the scarves I knitted for a friend at work. She wanted a narrower scarf that could be worn inside the office and that weren't bulky to wear in the Deep South. So here are the results:

The picture doesn't show the yarn definition that well, but then you get the idea. Friend was happy with all four. I am making another black scarf for her to give as a gift. This friend also wants to learn how to knit and you can guess what she wants to learn how to knit. So we will go shopping after work one day and get all the appropriate items to teach my friend how to knit a SCARF.

I've taught our receptionist how to knit a sock. I really did think she was taking on too big a project since she hasn't knitted anything in quite a while. We'll have a 101 on kichener stitch for the toe of the sock. Other than that, she did just fine. She is working on the match to her sock and should be done soon.

Need to get back to the recliner and pick up the crochet hook and finish a baby blanket.

Thanks Bunny for helping with the pictures for the baby caps and scarves!