Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Folk Lore and Change

Snowbird made a quick trip to her home state of Michigan this past Friday and returned on Monday. It was a whirlwind trip driving up, making a u-turn and coming back home. Trip was dual purposed and all was accomplished.

The trip actually made me stop and think about where I've been, where I'm at now and where I'm going. It's interesting how things really change in 32 years or even 7 years ago when I was there last. It reiterated to me that you can never go home and expect everything to be as you remembered. The home place, schools, streets, stores, roads, to name a few, have all changed. For me it was a realization that time waits for no man and certain things sometimes can not be had again. You only have your memories.

When I was leaving Michigan, it reminded me of a lore I read once: You stand at the seashore with your back to the sea and facing the shore. You throw a stone over your shoulder into the sea to leave everything behind so you can move forward. I essentially did that when I left Michigan, not literally, but figuratively.

Everything that kept me in knots, with the exception of my family, has been left behind. I will visit, but my thoughts and expectations will be different.

I left the red roses to now change to white....


Scrabblequeen said...

What an interesting 'lore'. I learned long ago that one can never really 'go home' as things will have changed while we've been away. NOw that no one I care about lives there any more, I have no desire to return to the places I used to haunt.

J.P. said...

Thank you for this post. I am just having some 'blue' moments right now with letting go. My church did something similar with rocks, but it was in a jar of water instead of the ocean.

I have thought about going home and stuff, but I have moved around a lot and have no idea where that is exactly! hehe