Sunday, October 2, 2016

Where Has Snowbird Been?

It has been quite a while since my last post. In fact, it was in 2015. So what has Snowbird been doing over the last year? Quite frankly, I have been studying. Yep, I have been working on one of those insurance designations that is time consuming and has multiple parts. Well I finished the last test in September and waiting for the grade which I should have within the next couple of weeks. I feel very good about the test and excited to have this behind me.

So what is this insurance course that has taken up the better part of a year? Certified Insurance Counselor or CIC as it's better known through the National Alliance. I chose to take the five part course using an option that is webinar-based over a five week period and then test for each segment. This happened for each of the five segments -- webinar for five weeks and then test. So as the courses became available, I would sign up and then I was in the insurance zone. Spent many nights awake before testing; just studying. So it is wait for the final result.

What will I do with my time now that I'm not in the insurance zone using up all of my weekends and evenings to study insurance? You can only guess. Yahoo! I am itching to get back to my knitting and crafts. I might get some help with a long overdue project that just needs to be finished. It doesn't require knitting, but sewing and quilting is required.

Can I say I have really missed crafting.