Monday, June 30, 2008

KnitForKids Sweater #4 for 2008

KnitForKids sweater #4 is finally finished. I have #5 about 3/4 of the way finished and it will probably be posted over the 4th of July holiday. Everytime I make one of these sweaters, I wonder what child (and in what country) will wear one of my sweaters. I like the fresh peach color of this one. Hopefully, a child somewhere will like it too!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sleepless in LA (Lower Alabama)

It is 1AM and Snowbird can't sleep. The last few days have been stressful. It seems I go to bed and wake up thinking about my friend that passed away so young with cancer. The minister at her funeral today said she was 57 (young by my standards). She had fast growing cancer of the brain, lung and liver. A couple of months ago, she was outside at a family members house jumping on the trampoline with the youngsters. Today, she was laid to rest. It is things like this in life that seem so unreal to me. You often ask: "why this person?" Then I step back and think it is not my place to ask that question. My friend had a strong faith in God and lived a life that emulated her faith each and every day. She was not one to slap you in the face with her beliefs, but rather her character displayed her faith. She earned the respect of her working peers and friends by simply being herself. It is hard to say that in society today. I remember her last phone call and note to me in response to a card I sent her. These I will always cherish in her memory.

Early this morning, I will go for an open MRI on my lower back and hip to see what is causing the extreme pain apart from the slipped disk. This is supposed to help the doctor with the next phase of treatment. Snowbird has felt like her tail feathers have been clipped for a long while now and it is time to mend. I can't mend without help from the professionals. So we go through the protocol of treatment on this road to recovery.

I have been reading The Wandering Bunny blog and keeping pace with this young lady's day-to-day life. She is relentless in her love of books and cross stitching. She has also picked up some other arts and crafts along the way--sewing and possibly crocheting. Snowbird has attempted to teach Bunny to knit, but maybe that will come later on down the road. For now, I am happy that she has found some things in life that will occupy her time. I believe that the other blogs she has read and living abroad has fueled her drive to cross-stitch, sew and the like. I am amazed at the young people now who have developed a love for these crafts. It is absolutely wonderful. Bunny's sister, who I call Baby, loves to cook and read. Maybe we can convince Baby to blog so we can keep up with her loves too! Both girls are such a joy. Snowbird doesn't have children of her own, but I often say I have custody rights to Bunny and Baby. Did I mention that Bunny and Baby live right next door and they are my nieces. I smile as I write this.

Well enough for this middle-of-the-night writing. Tomorrow is another day. Wait it is tomorrow already. Until the next post....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

In Memory of Patsy

This is a sad day for me. This morning a good friend passed away after a brief battle with cancer! So hard to say everything I can about Patsy in this post other than she was a hard worker, a good friend and someone you could always talk to about anything. She was always there to listen even when my world seemed to fall apart in 2002. She listened as I talked to her about family, marriage, my Dads' sickness, the death of a very close friend (and how much that friend meant to me) and anything else I needed to talk about. Now I think about Patsy and losing her as well. God hold you Patsy in His care on this day! God please comfort her husband, mother and friends who all loved her! This picture is for Patsy who always used a purple pen in her day-to-day work; the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. She loved God so much! I will miss you Patsy!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Clean and Recyle on Saturday

Well Snowbird will certainly be busy today with the help of hubby. Waiting for dear hubby to crawl out of bed. He likes to sleep in on Saturday. I'll make some coffee and have a little breakfast and maybe work on some knitting until he gets up. Like to keep the noise down. But after that, going to clean house and take some items to the recycle center. The picture posted is the last accumulation of plastic bottles and cans that made it to the center between two households--mine and little sisters. Today's load is equally as large and about one month later. I have purchased bins to store the cans and plastic so that they don't make it to the regular trash pick-up. I can't say enough about recycling. Every little bit helps. Take care of Mother Earth and she will take care of you. I am researching to see if I can find a knitted (washable) grocery bag so that I won't have to deal with plastic bags. Looking for one with a great bottom and sides that expand with durable handles. So many things on my "to do" list.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the men in my life. Especially to my hubby, brother, uncles, nephews and friends. But most importantly this day is special because of my own Father. He passed in 2005 from Alzheimers, but he is always remembered on this day. What can I say about my Dad?
(1) He was first and foremost a husband, Dad, Grandfather and friend.
(2) He was always there to talk to when I needed someone to listen.
(3) He never compromised values, but stood for what was right and ethical. His greatest vice--smoking.
(4) He came from that "greatest generation" that Tom Brokaw wrote about.
(5) Dad could "pinch a penny and make Lincoln cry" I would always say.
(6) He was a good provider. When he passed, we said that "my Dad was the gift that keeps on giving". He made sure my Mom was taken care of even after his passing. He always planned ahead for the "rainy day".
(7) He taught me how to fish.
(8) He always had an orchard both in MI and AL. What a difference between the states in what you can grow.
(9) He planted a garden as long as he was able.
(10) He was never wasteful. He would pull nails out of boards and put them in mason jars just in case he needed them for a future day. He would stack the wood in his shed for another rainy day of need.
(11) He always put his work clothes in the laundry room. My Mom never had to pick up after him.
(12) He liked a good cup of coffee.
(13) His favorite cookies were what we like to call oreos but were vanilla on one side and chocolate on the other filled with creme in the center. He really liked cookies.
(14) Chocolate was another favorite. He liked chocolate covered Cherries and Hershey's Kisses. He was always content with having just one or two and then savoring the rest over a long period of time.
(15) Licorice was another favorite candy.
(16) His favorite other drinks were creme soda, root beer or ginger ale (Vernors).
(17) He was a farmer at heart, but machinist by trade.
(18) He would say he was a "jack of all trades, a master of none". There was really nothing that he couldn't fix.
(19) He was a grandfather. He loved all of his grandchildren equally and was a great influence on his two granddaughters in AL. They called him "Pops".
(20) He wore a billed baseball-like cap always and drove a pick-up truck (his last vehicle).
I could ramble on and on and on about my Dad, but it would become a book. These are a few things I remember most about my Dad that I don't mind sharing with the world.
I hope you like the picture I have selected for this day. It was when he was in the Coast Guard and is the best representation of what my Dad looked like day-to-day except the uniform changed from khaki to navy blue (work clothes).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Niece #2

Happy Birthday Niece #2. I hope this has been a wonderful day for you! Time sure does go by fast. I remember your entry point into this world at about 2 pounds. But, by the power of medicine and maybe a little help from above, you have surprised everyone. You graduated tops in your class in high school and college and moved across that big pond (Atlantic) for a year to get your Masters degree in England. Who says small packages can't contain big things. Way to go little girl! Each day is a new adventure! I hope all of your adventures through this life will serve you well! Love ya!

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Future Figgy Goodness!

These little beauties are on their way to becoming fig preserves, strawberry and/or raspberry fig jam. Nothing better than a biscuit with good butter and fig preserves and/or jam. The fig tree is loaded this year. So I have to make a concerted effort to get out there and save as many as I can before the birds have a field day with the figs. I also really like fig newton cookies, but just don't know if I have the nerve to try to bake these little goodies. Saw Martha Stewart make homemade fig newton cookies one time, but..... Hmmm! I may just have to get my nerve up and give it a try.