Thursday, November 4, 2010

Instant Gratification?

So I've spent the last couple days thinking about Tuesday and comments made to me since election day 2010. It seems that even though the present administration in Washington DC has only been in office 22 months, the populace expects change to happen overnight. The previous administration was in office 96 months. A lot of what the people voted for 22 months ago regarding change (if we are using an equal timetable) should happen over 48 months since we do not know whether the present administration will be in office two terms (96 months). With that said, we have become a nation of what we have pegged the younger generation of once being. Are we too looking only for instant gratification? Do we have to have everything now?

I often wonder if I could sit in Congress and change things --within the confines of the law -- as quickly as the populace would expect. I wonder how many of us understand what it really takes to introduce any piece of legislation and then make it law.

We live in a fast paced society. As fast paced as our life is, we expect the laws that may affect us for a lifetime, to be generated just as quickly as we live. Life is not all about techonology, computers, e-mails, faxes, cell phones and the like. Life is about our very being. What we do and how we do it will shape our lives for many years to come.

We need jobs in America. We all need a measure of health and a way to maintain good health. We need to keep jobs in America and not send them overseas. We need to find a way to give everyone the healthcare they deserve whether privatized or through Federal means. We also need to make sure with all we give, this is not just a handout. Rather it should be something the American people can say they have earned.

The American people do not need radical ideas and philosophies. We were a nation built on the very basic of basic ideals. We only want what is best for all.

So it is my hope and prayer, in the months to come, that Congress will work for "the people" and not against "the people". I hope they will remember that "the people" are struggling right now. There are human needs that power struggles will not cure.

I am not looking for instant gratification. I am looking for a Congress and administration that will look at healing the ills of "the people". I want a Congress that is not looking to pat themselves on the back for whatever they do or will not do. I want a "working" Congress. My tax dollars pay for you, so put your pencils to the paper and get busy. No matter how long it takes (no instant gratification needed here), work for me "the people".