Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fixing Tail Feathers

Monday morning Snowbird will have an operation to fix what has been ailing her for a few years -- her tail feathers. Finally! It has been a long time coming, but doctor determined that L5 needed to be replaced. After many injections and final testing, doctor felt this was the best recourse. Hospital stay will be about four days, two weeks with constant assistance at home and another four weeks to finish recovery. It will take a year for the replacement to totally heal. Snowbirds goal is to be able to walk a couple miles a day again. God willing, I'll reach that goal. Everything with time.

So I'll be out of the nest for a few days, but will be back in again by next weekend and, hopefully, will post again within a few weeks. Who knows, recovery might lend itself to some healthy knitting time. That is if I can knit without sitting for long periods of time. I'll have to think about that and what I can use in my nest to help me knit.

Until the next post.....



wendy g said...

Thoughts and prayers will be with for your surgery tomorrow.
Keep that goal of 2 miles very soon!

Scrabblequeen said...

May your tail feathers heal quickly and your nest be peaceful and restful on your return. May your long-term goals be reach-able and your fellow travelers ( on this road of life) be good to you!

Rachel said...

Good luck, Aunt Snowbird ;)