Friday, September 26, 2008

Lower Back Update, Bedrest and Debates

Today I had another epidural and was sent home for bed rest. I will be resting in bed tomorrow as well. I am already just a wee bit stir crazy laying down or sitting halfway up for the better part of the day. So I took a nap this afternoon, read a little bit, and this evening watched the first Presidential debates and the after comments by the news commentators.

I just can't wait until Sunday rolls around so I can get up and move around more. Might even get in a few stitches on the needles. By-the-way, the sweater (beige/brown flecked) on the previous post has been completed for almost three months. Did I mention that using a camera is not my long suit. I asked Hubby to take a few pictures to post on the blog, but it was always in passing and has just now finally got done. I just might need to learn how to use that camera of his. ;)


Rachel said...

LOL I'll teach you how to use that camera! If it's's gotta be similar to mine! I may not know how to do everything with it, but at least I can press the shutter button :)

Hope you are feeling better!!

Theresa said...

I hope the epidural has helped some. I understand the stir crazy thing! :o)