Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Knitting Addiction?

I never really considered myself addicted to anything, but then again knitting can be "habit forming". Addicted versus habit forming. Is there a difference? I saw this post over on Smoking Hot Needles today and thought I would share this little ditty that she picked up at Theresa's site:

Yep, I have a stash like that in my closet or should I say CLOSETS. I laugh when I write this because then I'm thinking maybe I am addicted to knitting. My yarn is in multiple closets even hubby's closet. HEHEHE! Young niece, Bunny, helped me organize my yarn, fabric and crafting goodies in plastic containers so that they would store nicely until I am ready to use them. Did I mention that Bunny is the family secretary. She keeps us all organized. What did we do without her for a whole year while she was in England getting that extra degree?

Anyway, check out Theresa's site and download this cutie. I think it represents the mindset of a few hundred knitters out there in blogger knitting land.

P.S. Take a look at the neat little scarves that Smoking Hot Needles is working up right now for gifts. They are gorgeous. I believe the patterns are there too.

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Rachel said...

LOL What would you do without me?! ^___^

Now we just have to work on your 'craft' room :)