Tuesday, September 23, 2008

KnitForKids Sweater #5 for 2008 Plus More

Finally, I had the opportunity to get Hubby to take some pictures for me of #5 KnitForKids Sweater and #6 that is on the needles this past weekend. #5 has been done for some time, but just have not taken the time to post the finished sweater. Not the greatest picture, but you get the idea. I think this will look good on a little guy. So here it is with one of my roosters guarding the finished product:

Here is a picture of KnitForKids #6 that is on the needles. The yarn is a lighter weight and has a knubby texture of baby colors. So this one will be ideal for a little one age two and under.

I am probably not real fond of this yarn, but using up the stash. Really quite a simple knitting project to do, but it is sitting for extended periods of time that I can not take right now. I may take this one with me when I lay down (semi-propped up in bed) in the evenings to rest the back and work on it for a few rows until done. Talk about falling short of my goal for the year 2008. I really need to get cracking.

And then there is the February Lady Sweater for Bunny that is on the needles:

This is made out of a multi-color cotton thread that I picked up at Patternworks. The picture really does not do justice to the color of the yarn. When finished, I will post again, but from a different area in the house to get the correct lighting. I started, stopped, frogged, started, stopped, frogged and started again to get the correct size for Bunny's sweater. I used a different type of raglan on this since the lace is called gull stitch. I wanted something that would play off that stitch and have included a raised stitch and yarn over at the raglan instead of M1. I think it makes the blend much better. My personal opinion only. I have multi-color cotton yarn to make Baby her sweater as well in shades of pink. All of my knitting in time and as the back allows.


Rachel said...

LOL You will never ever make me another sweater after your experience with that one O_o"

It looks nice! I love the kids' sweaters too :)

Theresa said...

Looks like you have been getting a lot of knitting done. How is your back doing? I have been thinking about the February lady sweater but I'm not sure how it would look on me!