Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gustav, Hanna and Football!

The Gulf Coast is preparing for Gustav. Even though the storm is slated to hit further West from LA (lower Alabama), just a slight wobble of this storm can move it either East or West. The East side of any hurricane is devastating to anyone unfortunate to be on that side of the storm. Not only is the wind bad, but the rainfall and tidal surge is horrible. I do not wish anyone bad luck with this storm and PRAY that it will weaken before landfall, but the weather maps and forecasts don't indicate this at all. EVERYONE PRAY PRAY PRAY THAT THE WINDS WILL SUBSIDE. I hope that all individuals in the New Orleans area have made their evacuation plans and are heading out now. Then right behind Gustav is Hanna. Hanna is going to make her way somewhere in the Caribbean and where it will end up is any one's guess. Yes we are approaching peak for hurricane season. The downside of living on the Gulf Coast--June 30th thru November 30th every year. November 30th can't come quick enough. The same thought pops into my head this time of year: snow or wind, snow or wind, snow or wind.
Yep! It is college football weekend. So besides all folks down here preparing for hurricanes and tropical storms, all football fans will be glued to the televisions. Not sure what game I will watch today, if any. I hope your team wins! Did I mention I like those Michigan Wolverines! GO BLUE! Sorry Tide and War Eagle fans!


Rachel said...

LOL I think I forgot about football with all the storm-related news!! I'll pray with you too!!! Let Gustav calm down O_O"

wendy g said...

At least Gustav wasn't quite as bad as first predicted but still lots of problems. We didn't even get any rain which I was hoping for.
Yea for football season too.

Bibby said...

Hope you faired all the water okay!!!

Roll Tide Roll