Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beijing - 2008 Summer Olympics and Tropical Storms

Yep Snowbird has been caught up in the Summer Olympic Mania. I have watched mens and womens gymnastics, diving, swimming and beach volley ball to name a few. Last night I watched Michael Phelps tie the record Mark Spitz made in 1972. Not giving away any age here, but I remember when Mark Spitz made that history 36 years ago. It was a joy to watch Mark Spitz being graciously interviewed last night and his comments about Michael Phelps. Two great athletes together. More Olympics to watch this weekend.
I will also try to post some knitting this weekend. The needles have been put down somewhat through the Olympics and also to give Snowbirds tailfeathers a rest. The lower back has been giving me fits. So I do my eight hour work day that involves sitting for the better part of the eight hours (I try to take a "walk about" every hour-on-the-hour to stretch and relieve the pressure in lower back). When I come home, I do whatever little bit needs to be done and then lay down to take the stress off the lower back. Thus the needles have been put down. Doctors appointment on Tuesday for next plan of action for my tailfeathers.
Almost forgot! Watching the goings on of Tropical Storm Fay in the Atlantic. Errr! Do not like tropical anything when it has to do with weather and I think you can understand since I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast. The cone on the weather maps make me just a tad bit nervous. Those cones seem to be inching over our way every time I look. I hope this one keeps low winds and just blows through without incident. Will have to wait and see.


Rachel said...

LOL Get to knitting ;)

And don't jinx us!! I don't want a tropical whatever either!!! O_o"

I finished the JBW dog design!

Monika said...

I don't like watching sports, but if I have to, I like skiing, and horse jumping.
Thanks for your very kind words on my last post. It's people like you who help me along, and get going again. :o)

Bibby said...

Sorry to hear about your back troubles, I can definitely sympathize...........ugh.

"Batton down the hatches"!!!
I'm watching the weather & it doesn't look good for the gulf.