Saturday, August 23, 2008


My niece, Bunny, and I have been waiting for months for the release in the US of Jane Brockets book "The Gentle Art of Domesticity". To my surprise the book was on the shelf at my local bookstore a whole month early. If you have read the blog Yarnstorm, you will enjoy the book. The blog and book gives us the license to be "domesticate diva's" and to love every minute in what is called "the simple pleasures of home".
For me, I never really thought of knitting, embroidery, quilting, cooking, baking and cleaning as domesticity. Maybe cleaning, but not the other five. As far as knitting, embroidery and quilting, it is satisfying the "crafty bug" deep inside of me. Cooking and baking are necessity unless it is around the holidays. I don't mind cooking, but it doesn't rank high on my list of favorite things to do. Nevertheless, reading this book sheds light on all things considered "day-to-day" and makes them more than ordinary. Her books helps you feel fulfilled in what was once considered mundane tasks or chores.
I love the fact that Jane Brocket looks at books, movies, art, textiles, food and nature and brings them into the comfort of "home-sweet-home" so they can fill our senses of hearing, taste, touch, smell and sight.
After reading just a few pages of this book, you may be swept back to simpler times (that is if you have some age on you) of sewing, gardening, canning and do-it-yourselfers. I really think there are a lot of people now who are jumping on this bandwagon. Reading some of the blogs out there in the internet world, I can really see where young people (and older folks) are enjoying gardens, canning fruits and vegetables, sewing, knitting and embroidering. Maybe there is something to this "domesticity" thing. Do you think it helps the inner spirit? I do. With the fast-paced world and 40 hour work weeks that seem to never end, we need someone to promote sensory-satisfaction (sewing, knitting, quilting, etc) in the confines of our humble abodes. Thank you Jane Brocket. I will wear my "domesticity" badge with pride!
This will be a good weekend read since Snowbird is resting her tailfeathers and is also waiting on what remains of Tropical Storm Fay to make her way into LA (lower Alabama).


Rachel said...

I'm jealous!! (sigh) Now I have to wait for Fay to go away so I can get my own copy of the book from Barnes and Noble!!

Theresa said...

I just got the book through Amazon and haven't had time to absorb it yet but really enjoy it. I do believe there is soemthing to the simpler life that our souls really need. I long for the day when we are out of the city and can pursue that to a greater degree. Glad the storm passed you by.