Sunday, July 20, 2008

Larry, Moe and Curly in My Backyard!

Guess what I woke up to on Friday morning before going to work? Larry, Moe and Curly were standing in my backyard! Not really, but that is what I have affectionately named these "guys" who found their way into my postage stamp backyard.

They just sort of meandered into the yard thru a portion of the fence that was half-way down in the back left-hand side of the yard adjoining a farm. It was really quite humorous to see them walking around and just eating the grass that, by the way, needed to be mowed. Young niece, "Bunny", walked down to the owners house to let "farmer Bob" know that we had company in my back 40. Unfortunately, "farmer Bob" was not home. Husband went down later to try and contact "farmer Bob" without success. So the plan was to make sure the side gate was shut and they could stay all day while we were working until someone came home to let "farmer Bob" know that we had his steers.

My Mom kind of watched throughout the day to make sure the gate stayed closed and the steers were safe and that someone didn't call animal control in the subdivision. When I came home they weren't in the back yard. As soon as I walked into the back yard, here they come again over the broken down chainlink fence to check out my surroundings. It was just too funny. "Bunny" and "Baby" (young nieces) went down to "farmer Bobs" who was now home to tell him that Larry, Moe and Curly were in my backyard. Here comes "farmer Bob" with a pail of grain to lure The Three Stooges back home. It was just unreal. "Farmer Bob" kept apologizing about the steers in my back yard and he fixed the fence. Have you ever seen steers/cows jump? These guys actually jumped over the fence that was halfway down. Now I laugh at the nursery rhyme about "and the cow jumped over the moon". Steers/cows can really jump.

I did get a little mowing done on the back yard thanks to Larry, Moe and Curly. Hubby finished the job over the weekend trying to dodge the "cow piles". Hubby also had to adjust the satellite dish so that we could watch TV as it was no longer pointing in the right direction thanks to Larry, Moe and Curly.

"Farmer Bob" plans to add more animals to his little piece of heaven besides cows and horses. The plan is to add some chickens too. Hopefully, the neighbors adjacent to the farm won't mind the "million dollar smell" and the sound of "farmer Bobs" animals being that close to the subdivision. I really don't mind at all. It is better than the smell of paper mills, chemicals and the sound of sirens all the time. Something about watching and hearing nature that helps calm the inner spirit!

Come visit any time Larry, Moe and Curly! If the grass is up, it is yours!


Rachel said...

I miss the steer!!!

Firefly Nights said...

We used to raise Angus cattle when I was growing up on a farm and I kind of miss having them around. Don't miss having to go out and feed them in the winter, though.