Thursday, July 10, 2008

Music to My Ears! Do Snowbirds Have Ears?

I guess I never thought about whether a bird has ears. When I was thinking about something to write in the blog, it just hit me. So I did a little looking and found these two links with really good information: #1 and #2. One of the things I found interesting in the reading was: Birds can be music buffs and can distinguish between human composers such as Bach and Stravinsky. So what do you think Snowbird would be listening to as she writes today? And do you think birds would love to listen to this violinist? You can find him here. I was personally able to hear him perform with the local symphony and it was absolutely "music to Snowbirds ears". He is fantabulous. Is that a word? If it isn't, it is now. I have downloaded most of his music to the Zune for easy listening. If you ever saw the Ladies in Lavender, the music is being played by this violinist--Joshua Bell.

Snowbird loves all types of music. I grew up in the rock n' roll age, but I have never limited myself to only that type of music. Living in the Deep South, I have even come to like "country" and "blue grass" music. But there is something about "classical" that makes me appreciate the depth of the music. I can listen to the music all day. It is like nature is talking to me when I listen to classical and the various instruments contributing to the overall sound.

Now I would love to see Yo-Yo Ma in concert. My nieces have seen him perform. Another child prodigy playing the cello at age four. Maybe someday! Until then, I will listen on the Zune!

Such beautiful music to Snowbirds ears!

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Rachel said...

Well, I learned something new. I didn't know that birds could tell the difference between types of music!

You are a nerd ;)