Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Middle of the Night / How to Soothe the Spirit?

Don't you just hate it when you can't sleep? That's me. Up again in the middle of the night. Right hip and leg hurts so I'm up to move around. May take a couple of Tylenol and lay back down, but for now, I'm up.

It's also a good time to sort and think things through. Some things I'm thinking about:
(1) Health (lower back and hip) What is next in line for treatment of this problem? Call the doctor today for results of MRI.
(2) Job (commercial insurance) Is it time for a change? Non-stop stress can be a killer especially when you live on the Gulf Coast and spend 1/2 the year in hurricane season and insurance companies don't like where we are located. I like my job, but not the endless stress and mountains of paperwork.
(3) House (need to look at buying) What do I want and need? Simple wants and needs. A place to put my yarn stash and knitting chair is top priority. The rest will just have to fit in somewhere. I like the house I am renting next to little sister, but is it a fit for me and hubby? Hubby would like to move out of the South, but I'm not up to that big of a transition just yet.
(4) Knitting--What project should I work on next? Where to begin? Sweaters or socks?
(5) Cross Stitching--Which project to make for gift giving?
(6) Clean (spare room needs my attention) How to do with lower back issues? I want to make it my craft room.
(7) Lawn (definitely needs attention) Do I hire this done to achieve results that will make Snowbird happy? Did I mention hubby likes to do the grass thing, but not the landscaping. Lawn work for Snowbird is not an option right now.

I use to go to Gulf Shores or Dauphin Island and sit at the water when I needed to think issues through and through. Haven't done that in a while. There is something about sitting next to the water and listening to the waves beat on the shore that helps restore your spirit and then problems or issues just seem to take a back seat.

I've also thought many issues through when I pick up my knitting needles and go for it. Long term sitting not good for back though. Knit a little bit, then stand up and go for short stroll (even if it's just to the end of the driveway or through the house). This takes place all the time.

Maybe a short short road trip on the weekend. Ugh--price of gas! Maybe across the bay and back. I could handle that without breaking the bank.

Waves/water, knitting or road trip? Which one will Snowbird choose to soothe her spirit?


Rachel said...

I'm all for a road trip ;) *hint hint*

And I can help you with the craft room!! Just ask, silly Snowbird!!

Wendy said...

Waves and water sound good to me! Take care of yourself.

Firefly Nights said...

Head north, back to the lovely lake shores in Michigan. We had delightful weather last week. I could sit and look at Lake Superior all day.

Firefly Nights said...

Relate very much to your back and hip pain. I'm getting a knee replacement later this year and I let it go several years too long. It's now caused my sacroiliac joint in my right lower back to be painfully out of whack. Can't remember any day recently when it didn't hurt. Hope you feel better.