Monday, May 31, 2010


I have been remiss and failed to post an important birthday in April so I will catch-up today. April 14th was my niece, Baby's, birthday. Happy belated birthday little girl. She is my namesake and keeps me on my toes. She has the greatest hugs too! Love you bunches. Later on I will post a picture of the lace Baktus scarf that was part of her birthday present from me.

Today is young nephews birthday. For posting purposes he is my resident weather man as that is what he is studying in college. The dilema is what name to give him for my blog. So I thought I would do a little research and see how many Greeks gods there were that controlled the weather. Guess what? There are at least three. Could be more, but here are the three I could find:

1) Aeolus controlled all the winds from his island;
2) Zeus was responsible for thunderbolts; and,
3) Poseidon was responsible for marine weather.

Which one should be his blog name? Maybe I will let Bunny, Baby and young nephew choose his blog name. He wants to be a storm chaser -- running after a tornado or two or three. But living on the Gulf Coast gives him another look at marine weather. I will let him read the blog post and help decide.

By the way, Happy Birthday my resident weather man. I hope you enjoy this your special day. Last day off before summer college courses start up again!

I need to get busy and think about my other nieces and nephews and their birthdays. Two birthdays at the beginning of the year that have passed. Both young nieces live in Michigan. Need to find names for them too for the blog as well as the others. Just keeping them all straight for posting purposes. Whew! Happy Birthday to everyone, but especially today for young nephew as this is his day!


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