Saturday, October 11, 2008

Election Year 2008

I thought I would take a minute to reflect on election year 2008. Suffice it to say, there is a lot of mud slinging going on out there. It is hard to believe what people are saying on both sides. Some is spoken with truth and some is spoken in pure ignorance. I pride myself in making sure what I know about either candidate is supported. It would behoove other Americans to do the same. It appears that very few are checking their facts. This causes me great distress. We are supposed to be a nation of informed individuals. But, are we? From things I've read and conversations I've had recently, it appears people are taking everything at face value or because so and so said this or that. Shame on you for not doing your homework America. Both candidates have web-sites to check their platforms and there are watchdog groups to make sure facts are in order.
I work in a profession where everything I do is based on facts and knowledge. I pride myself in being able to offer correct information and answers to my customers with supported, approved documentation and facts. In my field of endeavor, incorrect information or wrong answers could mean lawsuit.
To make this election year more meaningful, do your homework. Check your candidates fact sheets. Know what your candidate stands for and what he doesn't stand for. Then vote responsibly for the candidate of your choice. Responsible voting is not gut feelings and warm fuzzies. Responsible voting is a careful check of everything your candidate stands for, your candidates record past and present on issues related to: economy, energy, war, education, health, etc., and how your candidates position makes that person the right one for the highest job in the nation for the next four years. All of this information is public record.
America is feeling very troubled over the last few weeks. Our troubles have become the worlds troubles. When we show high levels of ignorance, remember the world is watching. Technology has made America an open book. I have seen and heard things on both sides of this election that must be appalling to outsiders--the world connected to us by technology. Remember we are supposed to be a nation of "informed" individuals. I hope I am not taking that word "informed" for granted.
In November, vote for your candidate of choice and vote with pride knowing that you have done your homework. Voting is your right and your privilege. By living in America, we are proud to be able to vote Republican, Democrat or Independent. Our great nation has given us choices. Again, vote for your candidate in November and vote with pride knowing you have made an informed choice.

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elizabeth said...

You are so right, and it is each of our responsibility to think for ourselves and make the effort to make an informed decision. I think if you do that, regardless of whether or not your candidate wins, YOU win. We all do.