Monday, February 25, 2008

Knitting Books, Magazines and References

Took some time today after my eight hour "off to work I go" to add some of my favorite books, magazines, references and resources for knitting to the blog. This is by no means all of them. There are more. Just putting in what I can get my hands on quickly. Don't know about you, but I would be hard pressed to give up my knitting treasures. Sometimes I can hardly wait until the latest issue of anything knitting appears in the bookstore. Is it an obsession? I'm thinking, I'm thinking.....YES! It is just pure joy to look at the creativity of others, the yarn selections and new resources available to the knitter. I can take the knitting catalogs I receive and look at them for hours. Remember that catalog that came out during the holiday season that every youngster would look at for hours? That is kind of how I feel about my knitting catalogs. What do I buy next? Waiting for some books to come by "snail" mail within the week. Just pure joy!

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