Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finished Objects and Some on Needles

White Baby Blanket

An acrylic baby blanket is on the needles. Found this pattern in an older knitting book purchased on E-Bay. Try to work on the blanket when hubby is not at home so I can concentrate on the pattern rows. Need to get going on this one to make my goal of keeping a ready supply of baby gifts in the "gift cupboard". Why knit some things in acrylic and less expensive yarn for gifts? Wash and dry. That is unless you can hand the person the yarn label with care instructions. I do try to make it as easy as possible when gifting handmade items. Living in the Deep South, wool sometimes not the better option for gifts as we are warm/hot most of the year. But for the few months when it is cool/colder, we do like to sneak in our wool "lovelies". What a treat....

Turquoise Blue Scarf

This unfinished scarf will be gifted. Yet another baby blanket pattern found on-line reduced down to a scarf. This is knit in 100% fine merino wool. The scarf will be gifted when finished. Love the color and the feel of the yarn when knitting. Only recommendation is to knit using bamboo or wooden needles as the merino has a tendency to slip on metal needles. The baby blanket done with the same pattern was knit using an inexpensive acrylic yarn in pale blue. This was given to a friends daughter for her new baby boy. I have the e-mail address for the person who posted this pattern and will try to post information regarding the pattern to give this person all the kudo's. Thoroughly enjoyed the pattern and will probably make another blanket in the future.

Hunter Green Scarf

Finished a scarf for my hubby to match a sweater knit and gifted in 2006. It is very dark green (picture shows it lighter than true color) and is knit in an acrylic/wool blend. Found the pattern on-line and changed the width as it was just a little too wide to fit comfortably. As soon as I find the link, will add to give credit where credit is due. Trying to get this picture-taking down to a science so that the fo's will show up. Maybe better to take pictures in natural sunlight?

Do know that I knit dark yarn better when using my full-spectrum floor lamp (brand name will be left unsaid). Before hubby bought me the lamp and working on his sweater, thought I would go blind trying to see the stitches. Really frustrating. Yes, my favorite knitting chair is not in a well-lit area of my house. But, it is convenient. My knitting supplies are near my chair and can watch TV there as well. The full-spectrum floor lamp is probably one of my most treasured gifts from hubby. Well not most treasured, but pretty close. Did I mention that he feeds my knitting/crafting habits? Was on "yarn restriction" for awhile, but should be using up my stash enough where more "lovelies" can be added.

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Rachel said...

I love your pics. I would say you have perfected the art of picture taking. At least you can see the yarn unlike my linen :)