Friday, March 12, 2010


Today would have been my parents 61st wedding anniversary. Both have passed. I miss them a lot. Have thought about them on and off all day today. My thoughts today have been about many of their anniversaries in the past. My Dad always with the perfect gift for my Mom. He had the best taste in jewelry. My Mom had so many nice pieces personally selected by my Dad. Mom always liked practical and her gifts to my Dad reflected that on their anniversaries.

On Easter this year, my Dad will have been gone for five years. On May 5th, my Mom will be gone for one year. It doesn't seem possible. I know if she had lived, she would be worried about my health. I probably would not have told her about my heart condition. She would have worried incessantly. It was her death that made me get a physical. It's amazing the things we do when we lose a loved one. I would never have jumped through the medical hoops if it had not been for my Mother's death.

I miss you Mom and Dad. My hope is that you are enjoying your new home and celebrating big time! Please dance together again, on this your 61st wedding anniversary, like you use to do while you were here.


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Laura Lou said...

Once in a while someone who just lost a parent will ask, "When does it stop hurting?" It doesn't. Dad passed away the day after my and my daughter's birthday 8 years ago and Mom on Christmas Eve 4 years ago. Both were in their 90s and ready but I still miss them. I miss that they never knew my younger granddaughter. How they would have loved their great granddaughters. It does get better, though, doesn't it?