Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby Goes Victory Gardening?

Just a quick post about Bunny's little sister Baby and her new gardening venture. I would like to say that she is working with her Mom on making a Victory Garden, but it is a raised bed garden instead. Baby has planted tomatoes and onions in temporary containers. She has flowers growing in other containers. Baby and her Mom are taking a couple vacation days this week and are going to put together their raised bed garden. The beds will contain a number of 4' x 4' containers. She has some ideas about other vegetables and flowers that will be in the garden and I am excited to see Baby's handiwork. Pictures will be posted soon of Baby's garden.

Baby is the cook in our family and has given us some great meals with her creativity. She inherited her love of cooking, especially baking, from her grandmothers. Her great great grandmother worked in a bakery. Baby works in a bakery at a local high-end grocery here. Wouldn't Pops (my Dad) and GGGrandma be proud of her culinary skills? I know we are. Her GGrandma would be happy to see her gardening skills too. GGrandma used to love planting a little garden and flowers. I guess you never know what will sneak through the gene pool to our children.

So you will know, Baby and Bunny are my nieces that live next door to me. What a joy it has been to watch these two grow up into fine young ladies! Proud aunt that I am......

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