Monday, January 5, 2009

KnitForKids Sweaters #6 - #12

Finally, I finished my KnitForKids sweater projects for 2008 and now have time to post the pictures. Here are sweaters #6 - #12:

Sweater #6

Sweater # 7

Sweater #8

Sweater #9

Sweater #10

Sweater #11

Sweater #12

And the last picture above is sweaters #1 - #12 all folded and ready to be shipped to the Knit For Kids organization. I was bound and determined that I would meet this goal with bad back or not. This past Friday, I had epidural #3. My back has kept me from sitting for long periods of time. I have figured out how to lay half-way down in bed and yet sitting at good angle so that I could finish my childrens sweaters. I have different goals for 2009, but it does include a couple Knit For Kids sweaters.

On to other projects that include: two baby blankets and one baby sweater. Then back to my adult knitting for Bunny and Baby (their sweaters).

Happy knitting everyone!


Rachel said...

You're a knitting fiend! Good job on finishing your sweaters!

Jeri said...

wow - your sweaters are wonderful! what an accomplishment!