Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! Throw Me a Moonpie Mister!

Happy New Year from the Deep South!

Our local city raised a gigantic moonpie at midnight. Why a moonpie some may ask? It is because Mardi Gras parade riders throw moonpies each year along with beads to people along the parade routes. Yep, Mobile is the "home of Mardi Gras". A lot of people think this fun in the streets for a few weeks before Easter started in New Orleans, but it didn't. Mobile, Alabama has Mardi Gras as its "claim to fame". I guess now, nationally, we have another claim to fame each New Years that will light up downtown -- A HUGE MOONPIE.

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Wool Enough said...

I had to Google "moonpie" to understand your post. Never heard of them before (guess I need to spend more time in the South), but they sure sound tasty.