Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sleepless in LA (Lower Alabama)

It is 1AM and Snowbird can't sleep. The last few days have been stressful. It seems I go to bed and wake up thinking about my friend that passed away so young with cancer. The minister at her funeral today said she was 57 (young by my standards). She had fast growing cancer of the brain, lung and liver. A couple of months ago, she was outside at a family members house jumping on the trampoline with the youngsters. Today, she was laid to rest. It is things like this in life that seem so unreal to me. You often ask: "why this person?" Then I step back and think it is not my place to ask that question. My friend had a strong faith in God and lived a life that emulated her faith each and every day. She was not one to slap you in the face with her beliefs, but rather her character displayed her faith. She earned the respect of her working peers and friends by simply being herself. It is hard to say that in society today. I remember her last phone call and note to me in response to a card I sent her. These I will always cherish in her memory.

Early this morning, I will go for an open MRI on my lower back and hip to see what is causing the extreme pain apart from the slipped disk. This is supposed to help the doctor with the next phase of treatment. Snowbird has felt like her tail feathers have been clipped for a long while now and it is time to mend. I can't mend without help from the professionals. So we go through the protocol of treatment on this road to recovery.

I have been reading The Wandering Bunny blog and keeping pace with this young lady's day-to-day life. She is relentless in her love of books and cross stitching. She has also picked up some other arts and crafts along the way--sewing and possibly crocheting. Snowbird has attempted to teach Bunny to knit, but maybe that will come later on down the road. For now, I am happy that she has found some things in life that will occupy her time. I believe that the other blogs she has read and living abroad has fueled her drive to cross-stitch, sew and the like. I am amazed at the young people now who have developed a love for these crafts. It is absolutely wonderful. Bunny's sister, who I call Baby, loves to cook and read. Maybe we can convince Baby to blog so we can keep up with her loves too! Both girls are such a joy. Snowbird doesn't have children of her own, but I often say I have custody rights to Bunny and Baby. Did I mention that Bunny and Baby live right next door and they are my nieces. I smile as I write this.

Well enough for this middle-of-the-night writing. Tomorrow is another day. Wait it is tomorrow already. Until the next post....

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Rachel said...

Good luck with the MRI :) And don't worry about your friend Patsy, she's in a good place now and at peace.