Saturday, April 19, 2008


This post is about a rescue. A small bundle of wonder that weighed 8 lbs. found by the side of the road that is now almost 20 lbs. and still growing. This bundle of energy is a chocolate lab. Luckily for him, my little sister (who has a soft heart for animals) found him and gave him a caring home. She came walking over to my house with him all wrapped up and I thought I had another member of my family. She said this one was hers and had already named him. MEET SAM!

Sam now has a backyard full of toys, a new doggie igloo, plenty of water and food, a vet who is watching out for his health, a master that walks him almost every night (let's correct that, Sam walks his master) and a German Shephard next door that thinks Sam belongs to her. The shephard runs the fence when Sam is in training mode. He has a lot of "puppyness" that he will grow out of with age. He is a pure joy. We are glad to have this chocolate lab as part of the family. SAM, I AM!

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