Thursday, April 3, 2008

1928 - 2005 In Memory of My Dad

April 4, 2005 seems like yesterday when you quietly went to sleep and left us. You are missed each and every day. Thank you Daddy for always being there for me. Words can not say thank you enough for always being my protector. I wish I could have protected you from the disease that ravaged your mind and took your memory. With all that you lost, you did not forget my name. I pray that a cure will be found for this disease called Alzheimer's. Rest in God's loving care Daddy! You will always be missed!
Please support research for Alzheimer's. Help those with Alzheimer's and those in the blogging community as well who may have/had family members with this disease. Check out Through the Loops for a wonderful way to help in the research and treatment of this disease. When you donate for the knitted vest pattern in memory of Dr. G, you will be helping support Alzheimer's research.
Sobering statistics regarding Alzheimer's:
• As many as 5.2 million people in the United States are living with Alzheimer’s.
• 10 million baby boomers will develop Alzheimer's in their lifetime.
• Every 71 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer’s.
• Alzheimer's is the seventh-leading cause of death.


Theresa said...

My Grandma died 21 years ago with Alzheimers. She was only 67. It was so horrible to experience. I'm sorry about your Dad and I hope you are comforted in your grief.

Anonymous said...

Such a scary disease. My grandfather didn't have alzheimers, but it seemed like it. He had a heart attack that left him with brain damage and the mind of a 7 or 8 year old. It was awful, but at least he sort of remembered us.

I'm sorry to hear your Dad suffered from it. I hope time has started to help you heal.

On a brighter note, the sweaters in the posts below are lovely!