Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic Hat

Yahooey! Check out Clever Knits for her version of the Olympic hat. It is also on Ravelry under Olympic hat. No offense to the original designer, but the designer hat is nowhere to be found for purchase that I can see right now. I just love how quickly Clever Knits took the time to put a pattern out there for this particular hat and for all the knitters and fans of the 2010 Olympics. May make a slight change to the cast-on part of the pattern and maybe the finishing to make it my own. Now I will wait and see when the cabled sweater will appear. There are other olympic-style patterns on Ravelry for all to enjoy as well.

Happy knitting to all during the olympics.



Scrabblequeen said...

Yeah! I knew some clever person would figure this out...but, Wow! That was fast.

Laura Lou said...

Snowbird to Snowbird, Welcome! We come down to Florida from Michigan every January for 4 months. I don't knit, but I am an avid scrapbooker. Now, since trying to transport all my stuff to Florida, I have gone digital. SO much easier to carry a laptop and external hard drive back and forth. I will be following your blog.