Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Save the Children

Not sure why all of a sudden I felt this strong need to support a cause outside of the realm of knitting, but today was the day to jump into something new. I looked at the Save the Children web-site and decided to become a sponsor of a child in the United States. Why the United States? I am particularly concerned about the needs and poverty in our own backyard.

Children have always been of paramount concern to me. I worked for a period of time for a school district in Michigan and I witnessed firsthand the needs of children. For years I have thought about the programs the schools had back then that took care of children and wondered what would have happened to these children without the programs. My thoughts were always about the needs of the innocents--the children. Would the lunch those children received, on any given day, be the only meal for the day? Would the after-school programs be enough to change that child for life? Would the programs give the child the impetus or push to succeed in life? I will never know how some of the children so long ago have faired in this life, but I can now monitor the successes of a program that puts back 91% of their donations to help children in one way or another. Will I quit knitting because of my involvement in this program? NO. I will quietly watch and read all of the updates that will be sent to me by Save the Children and will keep knitting, donating and supporting other causes as well.

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Sigrun said...

Just found your blog. I'm thrilled about the charity knitting and prayer shawls, as in my church we also started a knitting ministry--prayer shawls, winter wear for the homeless in the nearby city, and baby prayer shawls for all new babies in our church community. I've bookmarked your blog.