Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life and Legacy

The last couple of weeks have given me a lot to think about especially with the loss of my Mother. It has made me review the time I spent with her and my earliest memories. I know as the days and weeks go forward my recollections will increase. Sometimes it is the surviving family who will try to piece together the life and legacy of that dear departed one. Discussions over the past couple of weeks have been an attempt to put her life and legacy together. It will take time for all of us to gather our thoughts and memories. The next thing is to put them on paper. I know it will be a time when we can laugh and cry, but it is something that I feel we need to do for the generations that will come after us. We have family photos and pictures that will help us piece together the 88 years of my Mother. Sitting down together on Friday evening, the process began. We reviewed pictures, wrote down names, years of events and made a trip to the country on Saturday to visit with my aunt and uncle for more information.

Sometimes people fail to realize how much is lost when a loved one passes. It is good to write down who people are in pictures, why/when the picture was taken, memories of the family and even recipes.

My sisters and I (my brother too) are going to make an attempt to put the life and legacy of our family down in writing. Geneologies are a good place to start because the detail is a tremendous asset to future generations. Our pictures are going to be duplicated for the four of us and also the grandchildren with as much description for each picture as possible. We discussed purchasing a good Kodak printer/scanner with photo quality ink, photo paper, digital scrapbooking software and other photo software programs to aid us in this endeavor.

In the long run, this will bring us all together in a common effort -- life and legacy of our family. What will we leave our children and future generations? Only the printed page we work on now will tell them.

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