Friday, May 16, 2008

T G I F!

I T'S F R I D A Y! Finally! It's been busy the last two weeks. Have been in physical therapy three times a week for lower back. It is helping some, but pain is still there. So PT this morning and then back to the doctor for discussion and then off to work I go to finish my 40 hours.
Working on two pairs of socks and will post some updates this weekend when my photographer of choice (hubby) can make some time to take pictures for me. Oh yes, I did buy some more sock yarn and it is LOVELY! Just could not help myself and I have my eye on some more that I just saw this morning blogging around that I may have to add to my stash!
Update on Sam (see picture posted earlier of my sisters rescue dog)! He has gone from about 8 lbs at rescue to 35 lbs and is about 5 months old. Wonder how much Sam will weigh in about one year? He is growing like a weed!

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